"Discover The Easiest Way To Turn A Customer Spending $6 With You Into A Customer Spending $60 With You, In Less Than Two Minutes..."

AND - Discover The Nine Other Little-Known 'Techie' Tricks You Can Immediately Use To Make Your Website A LOT More Powerful & Profitable Even If You're Not The Least Bit Technical ...

Hi, I'm Louis Allport,

I was getting seriously fed up.

I'd been dealing with a programmer for several months. Now don't get me wrong - he was great at programming. But, things weren't going smoothly:

  • Hiring him was getting expensive, even for simple tasks.

  • He was taking much longer than originally stated to get many things done.

  • The finished code often did not match the specifications he'd received from me (some of my specs were up to 50 pages long - I wasn't being vague!)

If you've ever dealt with freelance programmers, I bet you can relate. Now, I'm certainly not saying all programmers are bad, but I've consistently found them difficult and often very expensive to work with.

I got so fed up, I decided to teach myself how to do the stuff I wanted to do.

Okay let me be clear - if I want a 'shopping cart' written, it's best if I go to a professional programmer, or buy a ready made solution. I'm not looking to spend every day writing code!

BUT - for the small but important stuff that can take days for a programmer to get round to doing, and can often cost you over $100 (even though it just takes them a couple of hours), then it really is best if you can do that yourself ...



How To Become An Instant Programmer

I'm going to share with you ten very easy to use web programming tricks I've learnt that can add VERY powerful (and potentially very profitable) features to your website.

As a quick example - how would you like to start using a programming trick on your site that one website is using right now to make customers happily change from placing $6 orders to $60 orders ... and all in the space of less than two minutes?

And it's important to mention that even if you're not technical at all it doesn't matter, as long as you can use FTP, that's pretty much all you need... I'll talk you through every single step in great detail, so whatever your level of experience you can benefit with these programming 'tricks'...

These powerful yet very easy-to-follow website programming tricks come in the form of ten brand new videos you view directly at your computer. I've bundled these powerful videos into a product called 10 Easy & Instant Programming Tricks For Your Website:

These 10 videos come to a total playing time of 118 minutes. Here's a quick run down of exactly what you get:

Video One (23 Minutes)

In this video you'll discover how to automatically take the name someone's just entered in your opt in form and add it to the web page to customize it.

Video Two (16 Minutes)

Here I'll talk you through three powerful ways to 'redirect' your visitor where you want them to go - and (very important) - how to do it in a way the search engines LOVE.

Video Three (7 Minutes)

In this video you'll discover how you can get people very happy to send you traffic - even - if you don't have an affiliate program!

Video Four (11 Minutes)

Here you'll discover even more ways you can get people to happily send you traffic!

Video Five (10 Minutes)

If you have an affiliate program you'll love this video - you'll discover how to automatically customize the links for your affiliates (because anything that makes life easier for your affiliates helps make you more money, right?).

Video Six (12 Minutes)

In this video you'll discover a dead easy technical 'trick' I use to make it that much easier for people to distribute my articles.

Video Seven (15 Minutes)

Here you'll discover how a few lines of code can create an order page that can literally increase your sales ten times over in the space of two minutes (and I'll talk you through a site that's doing exactly that right now).

Video Eight (6 Minutes)

In this video you'll discover the easiest way to get your customers to choose the "Deluxe" option every time they order from you.

Video Nine (10 Minutes)

Here I'll talk you through how to very easily and quickly add great looking menus to your websites.

Video Ten (8 Minutes)

In this video you'll discover how to make an offer to your visitors after they leave your website WITHOUT using popups.

For PC's Only - Not For Mac

I must tell you that this eBook only works (to my knowledge) on PC's. If your computer is running Microsoft Windows, you won't have any trouble at all viewing this eBook successfully.

However, if you're on a Mac you'll more than likely have trouble viewing it.

And Here's My 90 Day 100% Money Back Guarantee

It's More Than A 90 Day Guarantee -
It's A Promise

Unlike most people, I'm not going to bury my guarantee and hope you forget about it.

I'm putting it here - right out in front. And you're reading it now because you really can't miss it in this bright yellow box.

That's the point.

I'm this bold, because I know you will LOVE this product, and find it hugely valuable.

But, if for any reason for up to 90 days (that's a whole three months) after purchasing this product you decide that it's not for you, all you have to do is use the simple contact details at the bottom of this website for a full, prompt, and no quibbles refund.

I'm telling you this so that you realize there really is absolutely no risk to you at all.


This Set Of 10 Videos Totaling 118 Minutes Of Viewing Time Can Be Yours For Only $24.95!


Get This Set Of 10 Videos With 118 Minutes Of Playing Time That Show You 10 Easy And Instant Programming Tricks To Make Your Website A LOT More Powerful And Profitable For...

Only $24.95



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