How To Fill Your Oil Glass Cutting Tool

Inland Pistol Style Cutter

  Filling the reservoir of your glass cutting tool is an easy process. If you jam the cap tight, very little or no cutting oil will flow to the cutting wheel.
If you loosen the cap too far, too much oil will flow to the cutting head and cause a messy puddle.

The oil flow is adjusted properly when you can see just a fine line of oil as you score your glass. 

The oil does not aid in scoring the glass, it is intended to lubricate the cutting wheel.

Because all manufacturers makes their products to different specifications, each brand of glass cutter will adjust differently.

Play around with tightening the filler hole cap until you get the proper amount of oil flowing to the cutting wheel and remember to tighten the filler cap completely when you're finished cutting to prevent oil spills in your work area.

That's all there is to it.

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