How To Properly Adjust Running Pliers Jaws

Like any other product,running pliers come in a variety of types and brands.  The
metal types last the longest and work best for most thicknesses of stained glass.

Ringstar Running Pliers
Silberschnitt Running Pliers
Metal running pliers come with rubberized or plastic coated jaws and have a screw
adjustment setting for the jaw opening to accommodate the thickness of the glass that
is being run.

Cheaper running pliers do not have this feature and can actually crush the glass if
too much pressure is used.
Inland Lightweight Running Pliers
Proper jaw adjustment is important and can be done two ways.

With the first method, you need to hold the handles of the pliers closed and loosen
the adjustment screw until the jaws barely slip over the glass you are working with.  
The jaws should slide over the glass snugly without having to open up the handles of
the pliers.  Now remove the pliers from the glass and tighten the adjustment screw one full turn.

With the second method, the jaws of the pliers are placed over the glass you are
going to be working with and the adjustment screw is tightened until it touches the
opposite handle.Remove the pliers from the glass and tighten the adjustment screw another 1/4 turn.
That's all there is to it.

Unless you're using very thick or extremely thin glass, it's not necessary to adjust
your running pliers every time you work with another piece of glass.  

Set the jaws once and for most stained glass projects, you're done.